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  • Acid and alkali waste gas treatment

    Acid and alkali waste gas treatment

    Features and uses: The bottom of the washing tower of acid-base waste gas treatment is a circulating water tank, the upper part of the water tank is an air inlet, the top of the t...
  • VOCs governance

    VOCs governance

    Features and uses: After the organic waste gas is treated by the pre-filter to remove the particulate matter, it is pressurized into the zeolite runner concentrator by the concent...
  • Sludge drying equipment

    Sludge drying equipment

    Features and uses: The sludge drying equipment treats the sludge after the sewage treatment again, so that the solid content is higher and the moisture content is lower, thereby r...
  • Industrial wastewater treatment

    Industrial wastewater treatment

    Features and uses: The quantity and quality of industrial wastewater vary greatly depending on the product and production process. It is not suitable to use typical data and shoul...
  • Recapture agent for rapid removal of nickel, copper, zinc and other ions

    Recapture agent for rapid removal of nickel, copper, zinc and other ions

    Features and uses: First, DTC heavy metal capture agent product description and use: DTC heavy metal collector is a long-chain polymer sulfide; DTC contains a large number of pola...
  • Garbage deodorant

    Garbage deodorant

    Features and uses: [Source of malodor]:The malodorous species are roughly classified into: fish odor [CH3NH2, (CH3) 3N], ammonia odor [ammonia NH3], carrion odor [diamine amin...


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  • 昆山剑乐环保材料有限公司

    Kunshan Jian Le environmental protection materials Co., Ltd.

    Jian Jian Yue environmental protection materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise mainly based on environmental protection technology research, equipment manufacturing and supporting projects. It is located at No. 169 South Road, The company's main business areas are: air pollution prevention and control; water pollution prevention and control; in recent years, new projects on industrial solid waste reduction (sludge low temperature drying, waste liquid low temperature reduction); equipment noise reduction and plant energy-saving renovation projects; water treatment pharmaceutical research and development and services. We are committed to serving enterprises with national and even global demand, and providing users with more economical, reasonable and perfect solutions for waste gas treatment.

    Since its establishment in 2007, the company has been "quality first, independent innovation, self transcendence, people-oriented"...

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